White Bird Releases for the Central Pennsylvania area
Central PA White Bird Release

Serving Central Pennsylvania within 75 miles of Harrisburg for White Bird releases.
Please Contact us for information or call Nick at 717-567-7460

Blackout period we are booked or un-available. 
August 13th - September 13th.

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A Video of a wedding release

A white dove release is the perfect complement to any outdoor celebration. Your guests will be awed by this wonderful event. When the doves are released, they will come together and usually make several circles above for a before flying into the heavens as they return home.

The releasing of pure white doves is an ancient ritual that symbolizes many elements of married life.   The doves represent the Bride and Groom beginning their life's journey together pure and without regrets.  Traditionally, the Bride and Groom release the doves after they have taken their vows, in an outdoor setting or on the steps of the chapel. The doves may be released by hand, or from a basket.  We will create a custom release for your special day!

A Memorial White Dove Release can bring peace and healing in the grieving process of a loved one. By releasing a single white dove at a graveside service or memorial, you are symbolically releasing their spirit.  The single dove then joins the circling flock overhead, which is a reminder of those who have departed before them.

White dove releases are symbolic of an old saying: If white doves are seen on your wedding day you will have a home full of  faith,  fidelity,  peace  and most importantly... love. White doves for weddings represent blessings for a new beginning. The beauty and symbolism associated with  white dove releases enhances many wedding ceremonies, celebrations and  other special events. The release of beautiful white wedding doves will add a meaningful and magical moment to your outdoor ceremony creating memories for a lifetime.
White doves have been a beautiful symbol for thousands of years. Beginning with the Egyptians white doves were a symbol of peace and quiet innocence. The Chinese believed the peaceful dove to be a symbol of long life. White doves represented love and devotion to the early Greeks and Romans as the white dove was the sacred animal of Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love. The symbolism of the white dove was continued in the Bible often referring to white doves as a symbol of love, peace and hope and representing the holy spirit. The white dove returning to Noah represented forgiveness and hope for the future. White dove releases are symbolic of the many attributes to these beautiful white birds.

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Harrisburg, Lebanon, Myerstown, Hanover, Lewistown, Lewisburg, Millerstown, Sunbury, Millersburg, Linglestown, York, Mechanicsburg and other areas in this central PA area. 

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PA Whitebird Releases by Riverside Retreat

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Central PA Whitebird Release Whitebirds

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PA Whitebird Release by Riverside Retreat

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