We are basically not flying.
We don't fly much and the birds get out of shape. 
We may occasionally fly locally within 15 miles of Newport.

We are accepting contract breeding for squeakers for the spring/summer training or to add to your breeding program.

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Funeral Releases

There is no better way to say goodbye to a loved one than to release doves in his or her honor.

White dove releases are a beautiful way of sending a special message of peace and love. Dove releases for funeral services or memorials are symbolic of the spiritual flight home and create a soothing moment of silence. White doves for funerals are symbolic of eternal peace and  white dove releases can comfort those who have lost a loved one.

After the reading of a poem or verse such as Psalm 55:
  "And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest. Lo, then would I wander far off, and remain in the wilderness. "

A flock of white doves can be released to circle above and await the spirit dove which will ascend to join the others for the final flight home. 

The dove release typically takes place at the cemetery at the end of the service. A flock of doves representing all of our friends and family who have passed before us is released. The doves circle above waiting for your loved one. A moment later, a single white dove is released by a family member. The lone dove rises to meet the others and they soon begin their final flight home. Additional doves may be released as Angels to accompany the birds home.

The release of the doves is an awe-inspiring sight. You can almost see the spirit of your loved one flying into the heavens. This is a wonderful way to pay lasting tribute to the dearly departed.


Click Here for Trinity Release Video

Click here for Trinity Release Video with Angel Escorts
Takes a little longer to load, be patient

Trinity Release Video 2

Trininty Release Video 3

Trininty Release Video 4

Memorials can be customized!

Wicker release baskets are available for the "Trinity Release". Three doves are released from the larger basket and one dove is released from the smaller one representing the spirit or soul of a deceased one. The doves will then join together and fly home.

Or when available, the custom box below will be used.


Available Packages

4 Dove Trinity Release - Four doves $150.00 

Using release box as described below.
Three Doves are released representing the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.
A moment later, a solitary dove representing your family member is released to fly home.
Release baskets are included for the birds and of course are returned to us.

Add 1 basket of 2 doves as Angel accompaniments for $10.00 - Total $160.00) 

Add 2 baskets of 3 doves as Angel accompaniments for $20.00 - Total $170.00) 


4 Dove Funeral Release - $150.00
Three pure white doves representing Angels are released followed by a single white dove representing the departed is then released to be escorted on their journey by the angel doves.

Extra baskets of 2 doves may be added at $10.00 per basket.
One or two extra baskets is very nice as it tends to keep the birds circling around a little longer. 

Mileage is necessary for the longer distances over 30 miles from Newport, PA.
We will add $20 for releases 30 - 50 miles from Newport, PA
We will add $35 for releases 51-75 miles from Newport, PA 
We will add $50 for releases 76-100 miles from Newport, PA 
Mileage distances to be gathered from mapquest.

This custom made box features a divided bottom section which holds three birds and are released first.  The top section holds one bird which is released a few moments after the first three.  The box is designed to keep the birds quiet, which is very important at a funeral.  The birds are placed in the box from the rear, facing forward in preparation for release.  The two knobs at the top are pulled one at a time to release the birds in proper sequence. 

Funeral Release Box at PA White Birds

Look closely and you can see the birds inside!

Angel Escorts
A small additional flock of birds representing angels is released. A single white dove representing your family member is then released to be escorted home by the others.

A Single Spirit Dove preceded by a companion Escort Dove, usually termed as a Guardian or Archangel Escort or a Basket of any number of Angel Escorts. Many people prefer to allow the Spirit Dove join a Trinity (three) of Doves representing the Holy Trinity.  As the Single Dove is released a beautiful moment takes place as all of the Doves released make their departure to join in flight, usually you can watch as they assemble to flock and fly together with the Eternal Spirit Dove.  All of the Doves will then leave the release site together, all flying side by side in a beautiful flock. 

21 Dove Salute
In this tribute to public servants, 21 doves are released from a basket draped by the
American flag. The family may then release 1 additional bird to represent the deceased. 
(This is only available if we have enough trained birds and may not always be available)

We will gladly customize your release in any way possible.

Payment information:

A *non refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed upon package will be necessary to confirm and hold any reservation date. (Not including mileage if any is added)

#1. Full payment to be made within one week prior to the release date or
#2. Final payment be paid at the event with cash or money order only.

**No release will be done prior to final payment. 

Please inform us if you prefer #2. to make final payment at the release.

Be sure to appoint someone to meet us at the ceremony and let us know where to set up and to make the final payment prior to release..

*In the event of inclement weather, to be determined by us, the deposit will be refunded along with all other payments.

Central Pennsylvania White Dove Release serves a 75 to 100 mile radius of Harrisburg, PA when possible.

Pictures from a Funeral release, Lebanon, PA October 2014.
Taken by a family member and sent to us with permission to put on our site.
Thanks so much.

The flying dove above was then separated out for this image.

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