We are basically not flying.
We don't fly much and the birds get out of shape. 
We may occasionally fly locally within 15 miles of Newport.

We are accepting contract breeding for squeakers for the spring/summer training or to add to your breeding program.

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Wedding Day Releases

It has long been said that the appearance of a white dove on your wedding day assures a happy home and good fortune for the new couple. Doves choose one partner and mate for life; the perfect symbolism for a new couple.

A dove release is a perfect substitute for throwing rice or birdseed, blowing bubbles, or releasing helium balloons.

Your guests will be stunned by the awesome beauty of the white doves as they circle above for a few minutes and begin their flight home.

For weddings, the Doves represent fidelity, fertility and family as well as the beginning of a new journey in life, for new beginnings with no regrets of the past. Their flight represents togetherness and unity as the join in flight and leave together.  Doves mate for life and are committed to their mate and family.  Sending Escorts to join is a symbolic gesture for everyone present to send their love to go with the couple on their journey, that they will always be loved and attended. 

Several packages available:

  1. 2 Doves Released by Bride and Groom -  $150.00

  2. Above followed by 1 additional basket of 2 Doves, OR 2 baskets of 1 Dove -  $160.00
    These doves released moments after the bridal release to join up in the air and depart together. The additional release also tends to keep the birds circling a little longer
    and is the most popular..                                                                                      

  3. Above followed by 2 additional baskets of 2 Doves-  $170.00
    This is very nice when released on both sides of the group.

Release baskets are included for the birds and of course are returned to us.
Mileage is necessary for the longer distances over 30 miles from Newport, PA.
We will add $20 for releases 30 - 50 miles from Newport, PA
We will add $35 for releases 51-75 miles from Newport, PA 
We will add $50 for releases 76-100 miles from Newport, PA 
Mileage distances to be gathered from mapquest.

A Video of a wedding release

A Video of a wedding release

Heart Shape Release Basket at PA White Birds    

Payment information:

A *non refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed upon package will be necessary to confirm and hold any reservation date. 

#1. Full payment to be made within one week prior to the release date 

**No release will be done prior to final payment.

Be sure to appoint someone to meet us at the ceremony and let us know where to set up and to make the final payment prior to release..

*In the event of inclement weather, to be determined by us, the deposit will be refunded along with all other payments.

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